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ERC404 is innovating NFT finance by tackling liquidity issues

But what if there were other benefits? What if you can link NFTs to governance tokens? We have a theory & we're going to test it ourselves... After MetaStreet ASCEND, Pandora will be launching as an improved ERC404.

We built MetaStreet as a permissionless interest rate protocol for illiquid, onchain assets, powered by loan tranching and liquid credit tokens, Pandora is the final step in decentralizing the protocol, giving total control of the protocol to the users.

Why is Pandora going to ERC404

ERC404 is the natural progression of crypto, benefiting from both ERC20 and NFT characteristics:

- highly liquid
- standardized contract size
- high fixed income yield
- coordinated governance

...and many other use cases not yet uncovered

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