In the mid 2010s the start-up industry is experiencing dramatic changes. The method for financing companies and projects tends to decentralization and diversified funding made by the general public. Venture capital is losing its share while Crowdfunding and ICOs raise capital at a rapid rate. At the same time the new blockchain technology has given start-ups the opportunity to fundraise in a more independent and decentralized way.

The world’s first “internet-scale open platform for Value-exchange”


The APOLLO platform supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns: ICO, crowd-investing, and crowdfunding. No other platform can boast the same flexibility and freedom of choice. In the case of pre-ICO and ICO, when backers buy tokens, they always receive the unique currency created by the APOLLO platform itself - PANDORA.

Financial Benefits

Unlike other platforms that charge a 5-10% commission fee for placement, not to mention another 5% given to the payment system and 10-30% paid by creators as fiat money taxes, funds on APOLLO are transferred to campaign creators practically in their entirety in the form of cryptocurrency. The platform charges 1% for ICO campaigns and 1% for crowdfunding campaigns. This fee is taken when the project has successfully finished fundraising. In the case of ICO campaigns that mint new tokens for backers, APOLLO additionally takes 1% of the tokens or cryptocurrency produced by that campaign. This fee is transferred to the APOLLO reserve funds.

Crowdfunding campaigns

Creators of many campaigns do not need to create their own cryptocurrency or tokens. For example, a creator raises funds to produce a play or record an album. Such creators cannot launch ICOs, and all they can do is promise some rewards to their backers. In the vast majority of cases, backers do not receive anything but promises, because their interests are not protected. APOLLO platform solves this problem by providing backers with its own currency, PANDORA. Thus, when they support crowdfunding campaigns with their money, backers get not only promises (as on other crowdfunding platforms) but also a real valuable asset - PANDORA in the amount of up to 20% of their contribution as a bonus.

Crowd Investing campaigns

Crowd-investing campaigns are similar to ICO campaigns, but the tokens give some part either in ownership of the company, or a share of profits, or something else the campaign creator decides on (it is different for each campaign). APOLLO is a crypto digital platform, based on blockchain 3.0 design. We will give a complete set of consideration system to investors in the future.

Pandora Growth Forecast

The formation of a large number of projects participating in PandoraMi is the basis for the growth of the price of the PanMi: if more games, services, shops and other businesses will use PanMi, the more in-demand and the higher their liquidity will be. Apollo is building its business model specifically on the creation of such projects, increasing their number and connecting existing ones to the PandoraMi. However, this won't only positively affect the cost of the PanMi. Cryptocurrencies are very sensitive to significant events, and we understand this.


Smart Token

The majority of tokens that are issued by projects raising funds on Apollo platform, do not have enough capitalization to be listed and traded on big crypto-exchanges. However, we integrate the solution that still allows these tokens to become liquid and be sold, exchanged, and bought (after the end of project’s ICO) by anyone.

Projects-ICO, Crowdfunding, Crowd-investing Company

Founders-Crowdfunding, Project creators

Investors-people who support Crowdfunding projects

Pandora-domestic currency as a basis of Apollo

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

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