We are already in open beta mode, and in March-May 2018 there will be a platform release where anyone can launch the campaign. We work with all campaigns: crowdfunding, crowd-investing, pre-ICO and ICO, which can issue their own tokens and won’t be tied to our platform. In this regard, backers will be more willing to pay into the campaign - after all, they will receive not only illusory promises, as on other platforms, but also PanMi that can later be sold or used for payment in companies participating in the PANDORA.

We know exactly what is needed for both companies and for single authors. What do backers need? What is needed by the whole ecosystem and the APOLLO blockchain. And we make a functional token that will be convenient, useful for everyone and won’t lead the blockchain into decline. We have one of the lowest commissions on the market. Due to the fact that the authors collect cryptocurrency contributions, they get a unique opportunity to choose a convenient residence for taxation.

Unlike 99% of ICO campaigns, we don’t just create another cryptocurrency in an already crowded market. We are building a APOLLO in which PANDORA are a tool and a method, and not the basis of future profit. We will accept all popular cryptocurrencies and fiat money and unite two big industries: crowdfunding (fiat money) and ICO (cryptocurrencies). These completely different audiences will mutually engage each other in projects and campaigns that they couldn’t even think of before. We have an excellent, competitive team that will cope with any difficulties and will realize everything that is stated in the White-paper.